Smart Araneta Coliseum : Welcome to the Big Dome

The Big Dome unveils the Giant Cube


Just when you thought you had everything in a world-class venue, the Araneta Coliseum recently installed a giant LED screen, which it aptly calls the Giant Cube.

The Giant Cube is the world’s biggest four-screen high definition LED Cube screen center hung from an indoor arena. It is much bigger than the former LED scoreboard with a size of 22.22 square meters. It has several times clearer at 10mm pitch. The Dallas Cowboys football stadium uses only 20mm pitch.

The Giant Cube hangs in the middle of the Big Dome directly above the field of play ensuring that every spectator who frequent the coliseum events are able to watch the action without having to crane their necks.

To coliseum spectators and sports fans, this translates to crystal clear images of the action unfolding at the center of the coliseum from all points of the venue, whether from elevated patron seats or general admission bleachers.During sporting events, the four-faced Giant Cube will project everything from stat-video splits, full scoring mode, or full video mode. The Giant Cube is also capable of displaying up to two live video feeds in split format. It can likewise display ticker information from RSS feeds via an internet source. This is particularly exciting for the hordes of basketball fans during the PBA, UAAP and NCAA games.

During special events such as the Big Dome’s Christmas offering, Splendide: The Grand China National Acrobatics Circus, the Giant Cube showed in stark detail the lithe movements of the acrobats’ complex acts.

The Giant Cube will not only display the score and captivate the audience; it will also enhance mileage for advertising sponsors. With the Giant Cube, one can advertise anything from concessions and sales to marriage proposals, birthday greetings and shout outs. Vendors can have their products easily displayed for the audience in all the corners of the Big Dome to see, plus the live audience will be captivated with the vivid LED movements and be tempted to read everything advertised or displayed. It was installed to synchronize all four faces so that immersive and creative content can be displayed and advertising can be presented in an extraordinary way.

The Giant Cube was procured from ADSystems, a leading supplier of cutting edge LED technology based in Florida, USA.

The Giant Cube at the Big Dome – another first in a string of Araneta Center venue innovations.