Venue FAQs

The Big Do's & Don'ts at the Big Dome

The concert will be a blast – for sure – but it would be even better to make it as hassle-free as possible. So take out your notebooks and brush up on the Big Dome's ultimate DOs & DON'Ts.

1. DO Plan ahead on where to park or just take the train

It is best to take the train (MRT and LRT2) and hop off at the Araneta Center stations. The short walk will do you good and prep your energy for the concert. If you insist on taking a car, there are several parking places within striking distance from the Big Dome. Apart from Gateway or Ali Mall, there is the Manhattan Parking Building, the Shopwise parking area and open parking lots around the Big Dome.

2. DO Line up at 2pm at the earliest

The concert’s still at 8pm, but we know, it’s just TOO EXCITING TO WAIT THAT LONG! We encourage you to come early to beat the traffic, but if you insist on coming REALLY early, please be reminded that the line only starts at 2pm. Have lunch first, do some last-day rehearsals or see a movie! The Araneta Center has over 300 restaurants for you to choose from and the only real stadium-seating Cineplex in the country – so go ahead and start having fun even before the concert. You already have a ticket to the concert, you’ll get in FOR SURE even if you line up just in time. ;)

3. DO Line up at the correct gate

For those with Patron, Lower Box, Upper A and Upper B tickets – you may line-up at the Red Gate (near North Park) or the Green Gate (near Starbucks). For those with General Admission tickets – kindly line-up at the Yellow Ga4te (near Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf).

4. DO Come in a comfy outfit and a light bag

There will be thousands of people at the Big Dome during the concert. And if you’re one of those fans who wants to lineup as early as 2pm, be sure to wear comfortable clothes and footwear to be ready for the crowd press, knee-slapping and foot-stomping. And for quicker bag inspection at the entrance, just bring the necessities! Besides, it’s best to jump, dance and enjoy the music without the hassle of uncomfortable clothes and a heavy bag, right?

5. DO Enter at only 6pm

All gates will only open at exactly 6pm. Should you be in line earlier than 6pm and need to go to the restroom, there is one located on the Ground Floor of Gateway. You may ask your friends/companions to save your spot, leave the line and head to the Gateway entrance near the Yellow Gate – just take the escalator going down and you’ll find the restrooms at the corner.

6. DON'T Buy tickets from scalpers

Scalpers are individuals who sell tickets for a much higher price – usually to the highest bidder. Please remember that scalping is illegal and punishable by law. If a scalper approaches you, or if you witness any scalping activities, please report it to the nearest guard or staff of the Araneta Coliseum.

7. DON'T Bring in food and drinks

You may buy food and drinks outside the Big Dome while waiting in line, but these will no longer be allowed upon entering the gate. Don’t worry – various concessionaires are available inside the Big Dome, on every floor, near every section.

8. DON'T Leave the Coliseum once you enter

Even if you have your ticket with you, re-entry is strictly not allowed. Please make sure to bring everything you need upon entering the gate. For smokers, a separate area will be available beside the Red Gate and Green Gate.

9. DON'T Bring professional still and video cameras


DSLRs and video cameras are strictly prohibited and will be confiscated at the entrance. On the other hand – point-and-shoot, simple digital cameras and phone cameras are allowed. Just bring these types and take as many pictures as you want!



That’s the most important rule ;)